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Rick Moyers speaking at a nonprofit board meeting.

What I Do


Program Design, Implementation, and Review

Many grantmakers experience workload and staffing bottlenecks — especially during periods of staff transition, or when they’re engaged in planning, launching new programs or initiatives, and reviewing the impact of past work.


During my nearly 14 years at the Meyer Foundation in Washington, DC, I worked as a program officer for organizations across all our giving areas (which included education, youth development, legal services, health, workforce development, housing, economic security, arts and culture, and capacity-building). I also oversaw the design and launch of leadership development and capacity-building initiatives, and the implementation and communication of changes in strategy and priorities.


Services I offer include:

  • Portfolio analysis — Review of grantmaking in a particular area to assess what’s been effective, where there are inconsistencies, how the environment is changing, and what adjustments or course corrections may be needed.

  • Landscaping — Research on a field or issue to inform future giving strategy.

  • Strategy consultation — Developing or refining giving strategies for foundations and donors with specific interest areas where I have expertise, such as building grantee capacity and reducing inequity in the DC region.

  • Interim staffing — Application and proposal review, site visits, due diligence, and write-up preparation for grantmakers with temporary or long-term staffing needs.


Research, Writing, and Communications

For more than 20 years, I’ve been engaged in research and writing about fundraising, philanthropy, nonprofit governance, and executive director leadership — first as the project manager and co-author of BoardSource’s early national surveys of nonprofit boards, then as a co-author of the Daring to Lead 2006 and Daring to Lead 2011 reports on nonprofit executive directors. I also published more than 30 online opinion pieces for The Chronicle of Philanthropy between 2010 and 2013. My interests and areas of expertise include nonprofit governance and leadership, fundraising and financial sustainability, and equity.


Services I offer include:

  • Research design — Identifying what research needs to be done and why, finding potential partners, and creating a project plan to ensure that the research accomplishes its purpose and reaches its intended audience.

  • Communications planning — Developing realistic and targeted communications plans, including media strategy, and assistance with implementation.

  • Op-ed and report writing — Distilling research or other programmatic work into a clear narrative accessible to a broad audience.

Speaking and Training

I have extensive experience as a speaker and trainer on nonprofit management and leadership issues, and am available for speaking engagements and to design and conduct training sessions on:

  • The role of the nonprofit board

  • The partnership between chief executives and boards

  • Building a culture of philanthropy to increase individual giving and support board engagement in fundraising

  • Financial leadership for executives and boards

  • Building stronger relationships with private foundations

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